Lanetra Bennett – Multimedia Journalist

Nowadays, being a reporter consists of more than just a pretty face and a strong voice. Lanetra Bennett, reporter at WCTV-CBS affiliate in Tallahassee, shared the lifestyle and every day routine of a multimedia journalist. On June 8, 2017 at 11:05 a.m. after the Board of Trustees meeting she informed me there are no videographers…”I do everything myself”. The standard has changed.

Bennett says there is 9:30 a.m. meeting every morning to pitch stories. If you don’t have a story then you better hope for a press release or you are more than likely on call for “Breaking News”.

Outside of the camera lies reality of a journalists’ lifestyle. Bennett expressed there is not much of a life outside of work. In her spare time, she spends time with family and friends. Luckily, her relatives are local with the challenge of a balanced life. Bennett works what is called “Day side shift” , where she works Monday through Fridays and is off on the weekends. During her spare time, she also is involved in the church, singing with the choir. In spite of an unbalanced life, she’s never late to work and continues to strive for a stronger craft.


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